Online data entry programs are a great way to make an extra income from home providing you choose the right training program.With these types of jobs it is not out of the ordinary to be able to make $200 a day and up. The only problem is there are so many of these training programs available on the web, it's really hard to figure out which ones are good and even what to look for in a program if you are new to this type of data entry. Legit Online Jobs seems to be one of the companies in question so I thought I would give it a try among a few others and see how they rate in comparison.

Legit Online Jobs is a well designed website that has a snappy sales letter. Upon joining the program I also noticed they also have a vip page which offers free e books and in the main area they also provide a complete list of other work from home opportunities. However, I must say that I was very disappointed in their training tutorials. They had only a few free ways to take advantage of but they were really pushing their members to invest more money which is not what the average person wants to do seeing how you just paid an initial $50 joining fee. I noticed that this has become quite common in a lot of similar data entry programs.

Legit Online Jobs I would say is just an ok program but not good training for people that are new to this type of work. I just couldn't see many people becoming successful from their tutorials and tools they provided. The average person that comes across a business opportunity does not want to spend a lot of money and it seems that Legit Online Jobs did not take this into consideration so due to that fact, I don't think a lot of members will be happy. So my answer is no, I don't think Legit Online Jobs is overall worth the 50 bucks.

A good program I recently came across that is actually very similar to Legit Online Jobs was a data entry company called Typist Jobs. This company provides step by step training really geared towards people that are fresh to the internet and newbie like. They provide much more free techniques in there members area that are easy to learn and you can make money fairly quick.

If you are interested in this type of work you can view my resource box below for more information on this program.

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Sharing reviews and business ideas for people interested on making a living online. Check out Typist Jobs. A great data entry program for newbies and intermediate users.

The Internet is one large resource pool for finding different types of home based jobs. From data entry, transcription, call center and telemarketing, Web design and development, paid surveys and reviews , article writing and more. However, the Web is also a playground for lots of scam artists, who offer anything from fake jobs to unproven business opportunity schemes. Legitimate work at home jobs are quite easy to find however, that's if you know how to look for them.

The Internet is a wonderful venue for finding alternative jobs and livelihood opportunities. Here, you'll find an assortment of jobs, from data entry, call center and telemarketing, Web design, search engine optimization (SEO), article writing and paid blogging, to paid surveys and reviews. However, while the online job options are aplenty, some of these are operated by scam artists,who are out there to prey on unsuspecting aspiring work at home applicants. Here are a few helpful tips for finding legit work at home jobs.

Scan The Web For Legit Work At Home Opportunities

To begin your search for legitimate work at home opportunities, go to your favorite search engine, and type something like "legitimate work at home jobs" or "legit work at home jobs". Once you find a search result which corresponds to the phrase you suggested, prepare an updated resume that lists your educational and work experience. There are also work-at-home Web sites who give applicants ideas on how to prepare your resume, as well as suggest other legitimate work at home resources to use.

Submit Your Update Resume

Once you've determined the right work at home companies or jobs to join, submit your updated resume, and also include some of your previous work samples too. The more job postings and companies you apply, the more chances will you have of getting hired quickly.

Join Work At Home Forums

To learn more about working at home, and to avoid joining work at home scams, participate in today's popular forums,and converse with others who have also applied for the same jobs. The participants in these forums may be able to offer you helpful advice, and they'll also let you know how long it took for them to get a response from the different companies.

Immediately Report Scams

Once you've determined that a specific work at home job posting is nothing but a scam, immediately report it to agencies like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as post it in the various forums online. This will help to warn others when they are looking for legit work at home jobs.

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Many people today are looking for legitimate work at home jobs, because they're either tired of the daily commute from home to office, or simply want to make extra cash. To find the best and most legit work from home opportunity, read about the Google Cash Sniper, and read from work-at-home reviews and articles.

One of the most commonly asked questions I hear is do data entry programs like Legit Online Jobs really work?
Well in my professional opinion the answer is yes and no. Yes you can make money with legit Online Jobs but will you? I would say only a small percentage of people will.
The reason I say this is because the concept of the job is great and the actual job mentioned is a great way to make money online,
however, the techniques given in the legit online jobs members area are very few not to mention how to go about using them are
explained in a very vague manner. That is because their program really gears towards high investing to make the program work
and the majority of people don't want to do that.

Legit Online Jobs basically consists of "Affiliate Marketing" which is you are simply typing for web companies in order to promote their products.

Legit Online Jobs is a nicely designed website and appeals to many people however, that doesn't mean it's the best data entry program out there.

I've reviewed many others that offer more in the way of many more free techniques used to promote online companies and the directions are much simpler to follow and are more in detail with other programs. This is a major factor in your success. If you don't have a good teacher and clear instructions, that can make or break the level of your success. People need to take this into consideration when trying to choose a good company. Sure you could make excellent income with Legit Online Jobs if you already have gotten your feet wet in affiliate marketing. But for the complete newbie online this is not a good choice.

I have researched so far about 20 online data entry companies and the majority of them offer the same thing which is how to do affiliate marketing with Google Adwords. For those of you that are not familiar with Google Adwords, this is high priced search engine advertising which is used to promote web companies. Now no newbie is going to have the money to invest in this after they just spent $50 on a program like Legit Online jobs. You need to start out with lots of free alternatives and that is where their company lacks. They only offer a couple free alternatives and the directions on how to do them successfully are very vague. Google adwords is a great advertising technique that can make you lots of money but it is meant for advanced users.

If you are truly interested in learning how to make money with affiliate marketing but don't want to invest in Google Adwords I would suggest looking into Typist Jobs owned and run by Ruth Clevinger. This is a great company which has a wonderful training program and caters to newbies who don't have money to invest upfront.

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Sharing business ideas and reviews. For a recommended data entry program try Typist Jobs. Visit

This seems to be a common question about most of these online data entry programs is if they are a scam or not. Now I have done some research on many of these data entry work from home programs including Legit Online jobs and I wouldn't necessarily say that legit online jobs is a scam, however, it is a bit misleading. Yes this is a type of data entry program but what it really entails is affiliate marketing. It is definitely possible to make $200 per day with these types of programs so that is not a lie, however, it is not as easy as they make it seem.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra money from home but it does take work. You are not gonna just fill out a few forms and get paid of course. A major factor to making money with these types of businesses is having the right mentor to train you.
This is really the key. Without that, you might as well forget it. It is not a matter of does the program work, the program works, there is no doubt about that but if the program you join has bad directions and a poor support team then of course your not gonna do well.

I tested a few of these online programs including legit online jobs and frankly was not impressed with the overall training provided with most of them especially legit Online Jobs. The information they give is vague and I honestly could not see a lot of people making money with their tools and tutorials. I was very disappointed in this program to be honest. Not to mention their support team was not very helpful at all and any questions that were asked were answered by them sending me back to their tutorials.

Most of these programs charge around $50 in order to train you which in my opinion is well worth the small fee as long as you have a good teacher. Affiliate marketing is in my opinion one of the easiest ways to make money from home as long as you are willing to do some work, however it is best to do your research rather then just signing up with the first company you see.

3 Important things to look for when choosing a company

1. Send them an email and ask them if they provide additional training other then just the tutorials either by phone or via email.

2. Ask them if they require you to do Google Adwords in order to make money with their program.

3. Ask them if they write the ads for you or if you have to write them yourself.

These 3 things can tell you if the company in question will be really willing to take a step further to help you. Some companies like legit online jobs will just send you to the members area and you never hear from them again. This is not a good mentor. You need good communication with your teacher to ensure you are in good hands.

If you are really interested in pursuing this kind of work you should really check out a company called Typist Jobs. They have an excellent support team and their members area has more resources and tools in it then any of the other similar programs I have seen.

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Sharing reviews and business ideas for people interested on making a living online. For a recommended data entry job Check out Typist Jobs.

I've seen this website literally all over the place on the web so I had to see for myself what all the rave was about.
So I forked out $50 only to be completely disappointed! I was actually so impressed with their web design and sales letter
that I had high hopes for this company but as per usual seems they put more thought into the actual design then they did the
program itself.

What this program is about is plain old affiliate marketing. Now I'm not saying affiliate marketing is a scam in itself, it actually
is a great way to make money, depending on who is teaching you. I'll tell you one thing, who ever owns Legit Online Jobs
should stick to web design and stay away from training people for affiliate marketing. Everything gears toward getting you to do good old Google Adwords and for anyone that is familiar with it, they know that Google adwords can drain your account and fast if you don't know what you are doing.

Now for Legit Online Jobs to expect a newbie to just learn
over night how to do Google Adwords is beyond me. I mean come on, this is for the pros and even they have a hard time with it.

The unfortunate thing is that Legit Online Jobs preys on newbies so most of them would not have a clue to what they are getting into
until it's too late. I mean I wouldn't necessarily call Legit Online Jobs a scam, however, I will say they are riding on a thin line from
being misleading to say the least. I would guess that about only 5% of their members actually even earn anything.

Unfortunately most of the data entry programs out there do exactly the same thing and are promoting Adwords and really nothing else. Don't get me wrong, there not all useless programs. there are a couple of programs out there that have great training manuals for affiliate marketing to where you don't have to invest a penny. Those are the ones I would recommend to you if you are looking
into doing this type of work. It actually is a very profitable business when taught right. As a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest ways to make a pretty darn good living online I must say if you have a good teacher that is.

I know a guy that does affiliate marketing for a living and he is bring in 20K per month and he doesn't even have his own website.
He doesn't even work that much. He's online I'de say about 30 minutes to an hour only a few times a week doing this!
Now that's something to strive for. But unfortunately you won't achieve that through Legit Online Jobs. At least in my opinion
so save your money.

If you are dead set on doing this kind of work though I would definitely suggest another company called Typist Jobs which is owned
by a girl named Ruth. She runs a tight program and it is geared towards newbies who do not have a lot of money to invest.
You can start out free and work your way up. It is $49 for the program all together but well worth the fee for what you get in return.

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Sharing reviews and business ideas for people interested on making a living online. For a recommended data entry job Check out Typist Jobs.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the newbies out there that always get suckered into buying these types of programs that promise you the world but never deliver, but then sometimes I get mad because you didn't do your research! You should always check on a company before you jump right into it, believing everything they say. It's a hard lesson to learn and some people just keep doing it and then complain after wards that they got duped.

Well hopefully whomever reads this article will really head my warning when I tell you to stay away from such companies like Legit Online Jobs!

I'm not gonna sit here and totally bad mouth this company because it does have it's good points and I wouldn't necessarily call them a scam, but what I will say is it is not as informative as it should be and is some what misleading. Sure it is a great program that they are promoting (If taught right) and it can be very lucrative. However,
I have seen much better ways of doing this type of work then what they teach in their tutorials. Can you really make $200 a day? Heck yeah, the question is can you make $200 a day with Legit Online Jobs? I say, Heck No! Because all they want you to do is pay for a high priced search engine advertising company to promote the companies
rather then typing for them yourself which is what the job is supposed to be about right? Typing for web companies. Am I right? Okay then. Legit Online Jobs just wants you to advertise through Google Adwords which can put a huge dent in your wallet if you don't know what your doing, and don't tell me, Well that's what they are there for because this type of thing cannot be taught that easily with a few tutorials. Sorry.

Google Adwords, for anyone who is not familiar with it is an expensive search engine advertising company and if you are a newbie, well you could very well go broke doing it. Now what Legit Online Jobs entails is Affiliate marketing which is an excellent way to make money from home, however you should be able to do this free of cost.

so why does Legit Online jobs try to get you to pay for Google Adwords? Because it easier for them to just throw you to the wolves rather then having to actually train you to do the free methods. No, that would just take too much of their time and be too much work for them. Bottom line, the program itself is great and yes you can make $200 a day doing it, however you don't want to have to spend a bundle of money when you are trying to make a bundle of money.

Look, if you really want to make some money and are interested in doing it data entry style then try a company called Typist Jobs. That is your best bet.

This company is similar to Legit Online Jobs, however, they do actually go out of their way to train you how to do this program free of cost (less the program fee of $49) well worth it by the way. This way you don't run the risk of losing all your money before you make it.

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Sharing reviews and business ideas for people interested on making a living online. For a recommended data entry job Check out Typist Jobs.