One of the most commonly asked questions I hear is do data entry programs like Legit Online Jobs really work?
Well in my professional opinion the answer is yes and no. Yes you can make money with legit Online Jobs but will you? I would say only a small percentage of people will.
The reason I say this is because the concept of the job is great and the actual job mentioned is a great way to make money online,
however, the techniques given in the legit online jobs members area are very few not to mention how to go about using them are
explained in a very vague manner. That is because their program really gears towards high investing to make the program work
and the majority of people don't want to do that.

Legit Online Jobs basically consists of "Affiliate Marketing" which is you are simply typing for web companies in order to promote their products.

Legit Online Jobs is a nicely designed website and appeals to many people however, that doesn't mean it's the best data entry program out there.

I've reviewed many others that offer more in the way of many more free techniques used to promote online companies and the directions are much simpler to follow and are more in detail with other programs. This is a major factor in your success. If you don't have a good teacher and clear instructions, that can make or break the level of your success. People need to take this into consideration when trying to choose a good company. Sure you could make excellent income with Legit Online Jobs if you already have gotten your feet wet in affiliate marketing. But for the complete newbie online this is not a good choice.

I have researched so far about 20 online data entry companies and the majority of them offer the same thing which is how to do affiliate marketing with Google Adwords. For those of you that are not familiar with Google Adwords, this is high priced search engine advertising which is used to promote web companies. Now no newbie is going to have the money to invest in this after they just spent $50 on a program like Legit Online jobs. You need to start out with lots of free alternatives and that is where their company lacks. They only offer a couple free alternatives and the directions on how to do them successfully are very vague. Google adwords is a great advertising technique that can make you lots of money but it is meant for advanced users.

If you are truly interested in learning how to make money with affiliate marketing but don't want to invest in Google Adwords I would suggest looking into Typist Jobs owned and run by Ruth Clevinger. This is a great company which has a wonderful training program and caters to newbies who don't have money to invest upfront.

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