Sometimes I feel sorry for the newbies out there that always get suckered into buying these types of programs that promise you the world but never deliver, but then sometimes I get mad because you didn't do your research! You should always check on a company before you jump right into it, believing everything they say. It's a hard lesson to learn and some people just keep doing it and then complain after wards that they got duped.

Well hopefully whomever reads this article will really head my warning when I tell you to stay away from such companies like Legit Online Jobs!

I'm not gonna sit here and totally bad mouth this company because it does have it's good points and I wouldn't necessarily call them a scam, but what I will say is it is not as informative as it should be and is some what misleading. Sure it is a great program that they are promoting (If taught right) and it can be very lucrative. However,
I have seen much better ways of doing this type of work then what they teach in their tutorials. Can you really make $200 a day? Heck yeah, the question is can you make $200 a day with Legit Online Jobs? I say, Heck No! Because all they want you to do is pay for a high priced search engine advertising company to promote the companies
rather then typing for them yourself which is what the job is supposed to be about right? Typing for web companies. Am I right? Okay then. Legit Online Jobs just wants you to advertise through Google Adwords which can put a huge dent in your wallet if you don't know what your doing, and don't tell me, Well that's what they are there for because this type of thing cannot be taught that easily with a few tutorials. Sorry.

Google Adwords, for anyone who is not familiar with it is an expensive search engine advertising company and if you are a newbie, well you could very well go broke doing it. Now what Legit Online Jobs entails is Affiliate marketing which is an excellent way to make money from home, however you should be able to do this free of cost.

so why does Legit Online jobs try to get you to pay for Google Adwords? Because it easier for them to just throw you to the wolves rather then having to actually train you to do the free methods. No, that would just take too much of their time and be too much work for them. Bottom line, the program itself is great and yes you can make $200 a day doing it, however you don't want to have to spend a bundle of money when you are trying to make a bundle of money.

Look, if you really want to make some money and are interested in doing it data entry style then try a company called Typist Jobs. That is your best bet.

This company is similar to Legit Online Jobs, however, they do actually go out of their way to train you how to do this program free of cost (less the program fee of $49) well worth it by the way. This way you don't run the risk of losing all your money before you make it.

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