Online data entry programs are a great way to make an extra income from home providing you choose the right training program.With these types of jobs it is not out of the ordinary to be able to make $200 a day and up. The only problem is there are so many of these training programs available on the web, it's really hard to figure out which ones are good and even what to look for in a program if you are new to this type of data entry. Legit Online Jobs seems to be one of the companies in question so I thought I would give it a try among a few others and see how they rate in comparison.

Legit Online Jobs is a well designed website that has a snappy sales letter. Upon joining the program I also noticed they also have a vip page which offers free e books and in the main area they also provide a complete list of other work from home opportunities. However, I must say that I was very disappointed in their training tutorials. They had only a few free ways to take advantage of but they were really pushing their members to invest more money which is not what the average person wants to do seeing how you just paid an initial $50 joining fee. I noticed that this has become quite common in a lot of similar data entry programs.

Legit Online Jobs I would say is just an ok program but not good training for people that are new to this type of work. I just couldn't see many people becoming successful from their tutorials and tools they provided. The average person that comes across a business opportunity does not want to spend a lot of money and it seems that Legit Online Jobs did not take this into consideration so due to that fact, I don't think a lot of members will be happy. So my answer is no, I don't think Legit Online Jobs is overall worth the 50 bucks.

A good program I recently came across that is actually very similar to Legit Online Jobs was a data entry company called Typist Jobs. This company provides step by step training really geared towards people that are fresh to the internet and newbie like. They provide much more free techniques in there members area that are easy to learn and you can make money fairly quick.

If you are interested in this type of work you can view my resource box below for more information on this program.

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